Thursday, May 15, 2008

its been a while

This shabbos I am having three kids sleep over my house. two of them are my friends from camp simcha, and the third is one of their brothers. these boys, L, N, and E are 10, 7, and 7 respectively. I am so excited to have my friends sleep over! this shows one beautiful aspect of camp simcha. no matter what age you are, the bonds that are forged there are everlasting and people can make friends with just about anyone there. 
Bli Neder ill let you know how shabbos goes, but i am hopeful that it will be a wonderful shabbos full of fun and happiness!
Have a great Shabbos!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Support System

No matter what kind of situation one is in, having a support system always makes it easier.  Whether your loved ones are cheering you on when your playing sports, or sitting by your bed when your sick, its always a great feeling knowing that people really care about you.  If you are someone who has a support system, whether its one person or a hundred people, recognize it, appreciate it, and make sure that you are part of someone else's support system.

What does this have to do with anything?

I wrote this to show my appreciation to my amazing girlfriend Miriam, who is the greatest thing in the entire universe.  She is always by my side whenever i need her, no matter when, where, what time...  She is the smartest most beautiful girl in the world and i am the luckiest guy that i have her in my life.  Thank You Miriam, I love you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

School Stinks

Everyone keeps telling me to add new post (CR). if i don't have anything to say, i wont say it, or post it. Its that simple..  I am really jealous of my friends blog, he has really cool pictures, and he adds new posts everyday... and... people comment!! gee, i wish people would comment on my blog.  I hope to make my blog better in the near future. 

Im sitting in class right now and my teacher is the most egotistic person i have ever met. I don't really understand why, he is not so great.  He just told a story about how he once walked out of a job interview because he felt it was a waste of his time.  Why does he think talking about his personal experiences from 20 years ago to a bunch of  jewish kids playing games on their computer isn't a waste of time?

Shtig Shtig Shtig!!!!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have been trying to add a new post for a week, but every time i tried i became to emotional and frustrated.  I need help understanding something. People think that it is a very complicated issue but i disagree. 

I would like to know why the world doesn't see how terrible Arabs are?  Why is everything Israels fault?  Why does the world think that if Israel gives more land away there will be peace? What is blinding the world from seeing how disgusting these animals are?  They teach their children how to kill, they kill each other, they hate me and they hate you! They hate everything that isn't them!  Not only do they hate, but they want to kill everything that isn't them!  They are liers and thieves. They do absolutely nothing good in this world.  

Can someone explain to me how one could sing and dance in the streets after hearing about terrorists go into a school, kill eight teenagers and injure many others? Now,if you are going to tell me that we are dealing with animals, wild ferocious beasts that deserve less respect than the stuff between my toes when i take my socks off, then i could maybe understand a little.  But if the world is just going to ignore this incident and still say "everything its Israels fault," then you are all really big idiots.

If you did not learn anything from the massacre at Yeshiva Mercaz Harav, then know this. . . a good Arab, is a dead Arab.  I only say that because they want to kill us, so i need them to die.  I am not a terrorist i am just trying to protect myself.    

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me? A Doctor?

I have always thought that becoming a doctor is way out of my league.  I have never been much of a student and I always assumed that all doctors are really smart and i would never be able to get through medical school.  Today my view of doctors and the medical world drastically changed.

I have met many many doctors in my life.  Some doctors are really nice and some doctors have no idea that there is such a concept of "nice."  To tell you the truth, that doesn't really bother me. Obviously i prefer seeing a doctor who is nice and  has good manners, but i would much rather see a doctor that has average intelligence, common decencey, and knows what he is doing.

Today i met a doctor that convinced me that i could become a doctor one day too.  Not only is this guy a doctor, he is the head of a department in the best cancer hospital in the world.  He was a pretty nice guy, but that's about it.  He couldn't read my chart.  He couldn't remember what his nurse told him about me 5 minutes prior to seeing me.

At the end of the day, he did solve my problem though, he wrote me more prescriptions for pain killers.  He destroyed any hope my parents had for me being pain free for the rest of my life.  He told my parents and i that the only way to treat my pain is with pain killers, and nothing else will work.  He didn't even mention physical therapy,  acupuncture, anything...

I can be an idiot, write prescriptions, and charge the insurance company $300 every time someone walks into my room. . . who needs medical school. . .?

The scary thing is, these doctors are supposed to be the best in their field . . .

Typical Night

Its almost 6 a.m. and i haven't slept for more than two hours.  The usual pain is keeping me awake, and maybe Glen Sather's brilliant trades he made today for the New York Rangers. 

What do you do to fall asleep? Especially if your not sleeping because of pain?


Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Why do i have so much pain?  Why can't i play sports anymore? Why are more of my friends dying from cancer, than I'm making new friends on a daily basis. Why did i get cancer?  Why Why Why?

I don't know why all of these terrible things happen, but i do know that G-d doesn't just give anyone cancer, or chronic pain, or constant stomach aches and terrible nausea for no reason, G-d only gives it to people who are really strong, that can fight through all of these terrible things and show the world what real strength is and inspire people. . . 

Tell that to someone who is really suffering.  Tell that to someone who every time she eats gets terrible nausea and stomach pains. Tell that to some one who every day wakes up in the morning and is shaking from his chronic pain.  Tell that to 19 year old kids who all the Dr.'s say to them is "here take these pain killers, that will solve your problems!"

People, especially where i come from, live life expecting that every thing  they want is going to fall right into their lap without lifting a finger. People think that they are supposed to have health, family, friends money etc.. and cant fathom the idea that these are all privileges!!! 

I have a better question than "Why"....   Why Not?!